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Face shields are used by people at risk of droplet infection and taking action to expose them to mechanical injury. Medical protective helmets have been used successfully in health care facilities for many years. Our helmets - straight from the manufacturer - are highest quality products confirmed by CE certificate.

Defend yourself against getting sick - with a protective helmet

Protective helmet is universal - suitable for all head sizes - and very comfortable face shield. Its use contributes to reduce the risk of infection carried by droplets and protects against less harmful effects mechanical factors.

Our product stands out straight, Of solid construction and ease of self-assembly.

Overall dimensions
  • Unit packaging dimensions:
    380 mm x 250 mm x 3 mm
  • Product weight with packaging:
    70 g of
  • Collective packaging in carton boxes:
    4 × 100 pieces
  • On a pallet, 12 cartons containing a total of:
    4800 pieces

Protective helmet made of plastic very high quality. Is colorless, flexible and light.

The plastic used is indifferent to human skin and approved for contact with food. Does not cause allergic reactions.

The part in contact with the user's skin is equipped with elastic strap made of soft and soft microgum. It ensures that comfort use of the helmet by many hours. Thanks to this, the helmet does not slip or slide off your head.

For greater protection and better adhesion of the visor to the head was used a rubber band.

The helmet has a bottom additional hooks. It is a place where you can put an additional elastic band and give the helmet a shape adapted to the individual preferences of the user. However, it is not necessary to use such an eraser.

Protective helmet is a product that is easy to maintain in the sanitary regime. You can do it be cleaned and disinfectedwhenever necessary. The material used in its production is characterized by high resistance to water, some acids, alcoholic and ether solvents.

Cleaning method: Wipe only with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the product.

The visor is packed in a plastic bag.

Each package contains the following items:
  • front part - protective,
  • an element that allows the visor to rest on the forehead and gives it shape,
  • self-adhesive soft micro-rubber,
  • a set of erasers,
  • label with printed CE logo and a place to enter the user's name,
  • instructions for use and information label.

What is a face shield?

The visor is a personal protective equipment used in medical facilities, many industries and in everyday life. It is used to minimize the possibility of droplet infection when in contact with potentially sick people. It also provides an excellent mechanical protective barrier, shielding the face from contact with liquids or small solids.

Conditions for placing orders
and payments

Orders should be placed only through the online store. Payments are made via transfer or through Tpay electronic payments. If you have questions or want to make a special order, please contact us by phone or email in advance.

The term of the orders
and delivery

The term of the order is given after placing it - depending on the size of the order and according to the delivery queue. We have goods in stock and in ongoing production, that's why inventory is updated on a regular basis. We have the ability to produce 20 protective helmets per day.

The product is sent via InPost: by courier or to a parcel locker. Larger orders - after prior agreement - can be picked up in person.

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Opinions about our face shields

"To be able to protect others, you need to protect yourself. That's why I decided to use a protective helmet. In my work with older people it is a necessity. That is why I appreciate the comfort of using the helmet even after many hours. "

Renata G. - DPS

"I have seen a protective helmet at my dentist's and have always wondered if it is comfortable at all? However, the outbreak of the coronavirus forced me to see for myself how it is in such clothes. And to be honest: it's good. Wide angle of view, stable fastening, it doesn't hurt anywhere ... It gives advice! "

Maciej F. - shop employee

"There are no holidays or breaks from the transport of goods. Loading, unloading, signing documents, constant changes in the environment ... I can't imagine working without a protective helmet. Great protection against viruses, but also against the usual dust that is everywhere. Easy to clean, lightweight, comfortable clasp. This is my next purchase - and probably not the last. "

Leszek G. - transport company

"I've already tested many protective helmets in my dentist's office. These, however, are the best. Easy to fold, comfortable and don't feel any discomfort when wearing them. And most importantly: full transparency and great visibility, even in difficult lighting conditions. "

Ewa W. - dentist

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